Review: NED VAN GO/Lost In The Trouble

Writers: N. Hill/B. Grant/R. Becker/C. Becker/M. Webb; Producer: Michael Webb.
– This Nashville band used to lean toward a rock sound. But the addition of mandolin ace Bob Grant in 2010 led to its evolution into an Americana act. The group’s current CD, The Dirt and the Sin, features this wildly energetic crowd favorite. It brilliantly fuses rock attitude with acoustic instrumentation.
Robert K. Oermann-Music Row Magazine

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The Dirt & the Sin

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nvg-thedirtandthesin-home-cdNed Hill discovered a passion for Roots in Horse Cave, Kentucky. The hills are a fine place to be but try to find a garage to rock your Roots. Nashville was the spot for the Garage Rock Roots of Ned Van Go, though they strum with more acoustics on number six, The Dirt and the Sin. The band opens the album with the highway a touring band sees the most on “Interstate”. Acoustic Folk finds a home in The Dirt and The Sin with “Ran When Parked” as “Maybe I’m Falling In Love” makes it cries heard over a mountain sea shanty while the album uses hesitant piano notes to try and keep away the cold coming into “San Francisco”, closes the door on death with “Empty Bottles”, paddles out with country twang for “Come On Big River”, and uses mountain jam to seal a love note to “Charlene”. Chelle Rose stops to guest on vocals, taking to the pulpit over somber organ chords to give testament to “Carrie Nation” as Ned Van Go reminds us that once the mountains of East Kentucky change, they will never return with “Mountain Top Removal.

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