“Ned Van Go’s fifth album makes a strong case that they deserve a wider audience. While the band can rock like Ned Zeppelin or Ned Van Halen, the Van Gos like their twang too, and play with a cohesion befitting a group that has spent lots of time together in a van.” Steven Wine-Associated Press
“This quartet, with the help of some friends you may have heard of like Dan Baird and Warner Hodges, delivers one of the year’s best rock albums.” Jeanine Shea-Vintage Guitar Magazine

The album is short on finesse and long on kick ass. Just like rock n’ roll should be.Producer Michael Webb (John Fogerty, Poco, and Gary Allan) keeps the mix raw and minimal. Their booking contract should contain a standard indemnity clause in the vein of “Book this band at your own risk. They may burn your venue to the ground.” Sign here please:__________________ Michael Rampa-High Octane Magazine

Ned Van Go-“Poor White Trash Southern Reputation Blues”: “I’m a little late getting to these drawling Kentuckians, whose Lost in the Trouble CD dropped a few months back. This hilarious, rawking, hillbilly romp tells you everything you need to know about their irreverence, wit and spunk.” Robert Oermann-Music Row Magazine


heartbroke-city“Ned Van Go blend rock, folk, bluegrass and all sorts of music so seamlessly it reminds me of Cherry Coke. You’re not sure where one flavor ends and the other begins, but it sure is tasty.” independentmidwestmusic.com



marry-a-waitress“You guys ROC. New record is greatness. Brett Dillon-KHYI-Dallas”

“Wow what an overwhelming release of damm fine music….. Great songs, great band, great album!!!!!!!!!” Peter Merrett PBS 106-7 FM Melbourne Australia

“With Marry a Waitress, Ned Van Go has captured the essence of “blue-collar philosophy” and set it to some mighty fine “blue-collar music”. I Love this stuff! Jeff Abbas – Program Director, KPVL Radio, Postville, Iowa”

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The Dirt and the Sin
Lost in the Trouble
Heartbroke City
Marry a Waitress
Rain, Trains, and the Lord Almighty
In Stereo